Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Super Bowl, Russell Wilson, The New England Patriots and Their Deflated Footballs and the NFL

Honestly, I don't care.  I'm not all that interested in this game.  Not one of my "fave" teams or players is playing.  All the commercials have been released.  I'll probably leave the TV off until "Downton Abbey" comes on.  But that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.

My favorite NFL teams are the Washington Redskins (yes, I wrote that!) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Can you name a player that played for both teams annnnndddd....won a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins (damn, did I just do that again?)?  Go!

I also like the Denver Broncos because I loved John Elway and I love Peyton Manning.  I also hope Phillip Rivers and his Chargers can someday get to the big game.  I love Phillip Rivers!  WOLFPACK!

But these two teams....pfftt.  I really dislike the Patriots (seriously, I don't see the deal with Tom Brady and I think that area is too cold and By God, the Band Waggoners....get over it especially the Southern Band Waggoners.  Almost as bad as the Southern Pittsburgh Steelers Band Waggoners..)  As for Seattle, sure, Russell Wilson is a former NC State Wolfpacker but...NCSU did him wrong and he hardly ever mentions NCSU so...I just don't know.  I guess if I had to choose then I'd choose the Seahawks but damn, they beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos last year so the love is just. not. there.

But Russell Wilson seems like a good guy.  I follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  What an inspiration!  He hasn't married a Brazilian model.  Yes, he's divorced.  Sucks but then, divorce happens and I don't believe that should discount any of the other positive things about his life.  And yes, he did graduate from NCSU so, he is an alum.

Tom Brady, the Patriots and "Deflate gate." Look, I don't like the Patriots.  I never have and I never will.  There is nothing at this point in time that would ever endear me to them (If they played the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl I would probably find a way to do some kind of football amnesia so as not to see any of that cruel mess.)  Tom Brady is a "celebrity."  I don't like his kind of "celebrity."  Also, don't they play in Boston, Mass?  Why not just call them the Boston Patriots?  Like the Bruins?  Like the Celtics?  There's quite a few states that don't have a football team.  This whole "New England" thing is just annoying.

On "Deflategate" my stance is this:  if they cheated, then they know they cheated and the win just can't feel good.  If they win the Super Bowl and they cheated prior to that, is it a good win?  Karma people...karma.  I don't know science.  In fact, I really wasn't all that good at it in school...all schools.  I hear Bill Nye the Science Guy came out and disproved the NE Pats whole "atmosphere" deflate thing.  Facts are facts.  But the thing is...THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS ONLY SCORED 7 POINTS!!!!!!!!!   Now, if the game had been closer, I sure would have questioned it but, the NE Defense obviously helped win that game.  So what they scored a lot, the Colts DID NOT!  Let's move on people.

Look, the NFL is entertainment folks.  I think the Super Bowl numbers have fallen recently and let's be real, all of this controversy stirs even the not so football oriented person up.  Can't you just imagine the headlines tomorrow?

Once again, I reiterate, I won't watch.  I don't care.  Commercials annoy me.  I'm reading "Gone With the Wind"  and I will stop for "Downton Abbey."  This girl, once consumed by all things sports, just doesn't care anymore.

Go Seahawks????

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