Saturday, January 3, 2015

Packing up Christmas (and 2014)

I spent the day putting up my Christmas stuff: Ornaments, Indoor Decoration, Outdoor Decoration, and the Fake tree.  I'm really hoping I can get a real one next year.  This year I was able to put all my favorite things out.  I enjoyed that.  And I enjoyed putting them all back up.

Now it's time for 2015.  I know what I want to do here, in this home of mine.  It's just doing it.  I'm going furniture shopping I know.  And I need to find some good shelves.  I'm not averse to painting and in fact, that may be what I do for some of these items.

I want to get pictures up.  A corner for all my former foster dogs, a corner for all my fur babies.  A wall for my family and friends.  Cool pictures and phrases.

I mean, my kitchen is really the only "done" room in this place.  Granted, I am in there a lot and I wanted that lived in feel.  There are so many walls though and I get confused at times.  I just found a box with a whole bunch of cool frames I've bought over the years.  I can't wait to put those to use.

Basic reorganization for everything else though.  And I want to not be afraid to start a fire in my fireplace.

There's still a lot to do here I just have to push myself to do it.  But that's what 2015 is going to be about...pushing myself.  Whether it's here at home or out there in the world, I have to get moving.

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