Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Today was a Crappy Day!

I'm not going to lie. Today was just not a good day.

It started with me realizing, after I brewed my coffee, that I was out of creamer.  I've been telling myself for days to pick some up but I just forgot and/or kept making excuses.  I've actually dropped everything and drove to one of the many grocery stores within a 3 mile radius before but not today.  I just didn't feel like it.  I knew there was a coffee shop on NCSU's Vet Campus. I'd pay for that today.  So, I put my brewed coffee with it's sugar substitute added in a big cup with a lid and figured I would wait to add the creamer when I got to work because I have creamer at work.

So, we start off the day with no coffee.  Now after that realization, things went okay. Got the dogs out, got them fed, except for Roscoe. He's undergoing treatment at NCSU Veterinary Hospital so no morning food.  I got my shower but didn't really want to wear what I had picked out on Sunday. My mind does not need this today. I grabbed one of my shirtdresses. Comfort above all!

Get to the Vet School and wait 1 minute before the Port City Java Shop opened.  Now, I looked at all the signs on the outside. I read them all! No where was a sign indicating pets were not allowed. So Roscoe and I went right in. And then some woman left the cash register and said she'd love to watch my dog. I didn't understand what she meant until she tried taking the leash from me. Now I'm freaking out a bit. So I walk the way she starts walking and she points to a sign ON THE INSIDE that says No Pets Allowed.  Well that's great but how about you put that sign on the outside so people who aren't students, will know not to bring their cancer stricken pets inside. Just a thought. So, still no coffee.

I tell her I'll come back later (I don't) and head over to the oncology department.  Roscoe is shaking. This is new. I wait and chat with all the other dog people in there. Alexa comes, we talk and she takes him away.  Now I can go to work!

Finally, Coffee! But I'm so distracted and out of it by now that my work day was not as productive as I'd hoped.  I did finish what I wanted to finish but, there was so much more I had planned on doing.

And the crying. A memory pops up and there I go. I cried on both 15 minute walks. I cried in the car. I cried at my desk, in my cube. I don't even wear makeup these days. What's the point?

It's almost time to go to bed. I'm so over today.