Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sleep Overs

When I was growing up, sleep overs were the thing!  I am pretty sure that the first one I had was in second grade (and I have pictures).  Now, they weren't always "happy."  By the end of the evening someone always got mad because they thought they were "your" best friend but for the most part, I think mine went well.

Kids don't do that these days, do they?  I know my niece doesn't.  From 2nd grade to probably 6th grade, I had at least 3, all girls. Then, there was the "divorce" and from the 7th grade to 12th grade (cuz really, who remembers college sleepovers), there was a mix.  It was never a "bad" mix, we just all ended up at someone's house watching Pink Floyd's  "The Wall" or the most recent "Nightmare on Elm Street."

I get the feeling kids don't do that anymore and I don't know why.  These nights were quite possibly some of my most favorite nights.

If you have kids, is this part of your life?

Inquiring minds want to know. And I have pics if you don't answer this question.

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