Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 1972

On February 17, 1972, at 6:08pm (Pacific time and I'm looking at my original Birth Certificate so I know the actual date), I was born in California.  I won't tell you where because I'm sure that's a security question somewhere out there on the internet.  I was born to Brenda and H Stewart Tyler.  My dad was from California, as was his family. He and my mom moved there and stayed there until I was 10 months old.  I can honestly say, I do not recollect any of my time in California.  But I guess, by birth, I am a California Girl.

So today, February 17, 2015, I have spent 43 years on this earth, in this world.  I gotta admit, most of the February 17ths I've spent here have been, well, cold.  And horrible.  And icy.  And that's because, since 1984, I've spent most of my February 17ths in North Carolina.  Where they don't get snow, they get ice.

I guess I could be upset at my parents for deciding "May 1971" was a good time to conceive a child, me. Ok.  Maybe I am upset at them.  Surely, I would have been better off if they had decided to start in say, August or September?

Do you know, that in 1987 (my 15th birthday), a major ice storm happened in NC...it started on 2/16. I'm pretty sure school was closed for a week!  And when we got back to school, no one remembered that Denise had a birthday.  This was before people could be alerted on Facebook that you were having a birthday.  Today, 2015, a lot of ice and I have received over 40 posts from my friends on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday (I am not one of those people who has an excessive amount of friends.  I'm very selective ;)  ).  I know that in 1987 I was pissed as all get out because my birthday was forgotten.  I'm really not sure what I feel today, in 2015.  I think I'm pissed because I couldn't even go out to eat on my birthday.  And no cake.  Or even a cupcake.

On February 17, 1990, the Chippendales were in town.  The plan was Kanki for dinner and then, off to see the Chippendales (google it).  School was let out early because...snow.  By the time I got home, (I lived in Rolesville and went to Cary Senior High), an inch of snow was already on the ground.  By the time my mom left work, it was worse.  Luckily?, she was able to pick up a Boston Creme Pie on the way home.  Yes, that was my 18th Birthday "cake."

Then there were the 4 years I lived in Boone, NC for my birthday.  I really don't want to even talk about those.  Although, I'm pretty sure I did get to go "down the mountain" for my 21st birthday.  I do distinctly remember one birthday where classes were cancelled because of the massive amount of snow.

I have to say, I really hate having my birthday in February.

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  1. Well......as your Mama, I have to say I have experienced JOY & HAPPINESS each and every Feb 17th since 1972. I also have to say that I noticed you did not write about the (few) times we did get to celebrate your birthday at either The Melting Pot or Kanki's. ...Love You, Mom