Thursday, June 9, 2016

Growing My Own Food

It’s a new thing for me but something I’ve always wanted to try and I’ve always envied people who could or did do it:  Grow food. 

This year, on my deck, I planted 15 plants in containers hoping for something to bear fruit (or vegetable).  I bought 7 tomato plants, 4 cucumber plants and 4 bell pepper plants for $20.  I told myself I would be doing well if half of them survived.  Well I’m doing it great!  So far, 14 out of the 15 have something on them right now.  I’ve eaten 3 cucumbers, and 5 little Roma Tomatoes. My boy pug Roscoe tried a tomato too and he thought it was quite tasty! Now he’s ready to roam the patio in search of more.  Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea bringing him out to taste the tomatoes.

Maybe for most people it’s not such a big deal, but for me, the process has been quite a thrill.  From buying the plants, to buying the soil, to planting them in their containers, to watching them grow and then, to actually eat the food, it just makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. 

I don’t know how much of a “harvest” I’ll get this year but I know that I will appreciate every single bite of the food that comes from my porch.  I’ve already started planning for next year too!  Look out because I’ll hopefully get some squash and zucchini going next year!  

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