Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sentences...But not much else

Yes, it's been awhile since I "blogged."  I've been trying to start something, anything.  I have sentences.  Great sentences that I can't find friends for.  I write down all of these great sentences when I can, hoping that a spark will come.

I have a story, it's trying to come out.  It taunts me, it haunts me.  But when the time comes to sit down and actually "write," it runs away.  You would think with all of this technology it would be easy but when a sentence comes to you while picking up dog poo well, not easy to get to the colornotes app on your phone.

And then I saw this pic today on facebook, courtesy of Writers Write:  
I know this and I knew I just had to do something, anything.  I had to stop procrastinating.  So here I am, pouring my thoughts out here because I just can't get past where I want to go elsewhere.  I have Jimmy Buffett playing in the background as inspiration (Pacing the Cage played earlier today, while working OT at my paying job).  Of course, I'm still washing and drying my clothes (not folding them, just washing and drying) because that needs to be done too.

I've seen other memes, posts, saying, 'just write, you can edit later' but dang if I can't seem to do that.  I edit while writing because I'm such a perfectionist.  Everything I write has to sound right, right now.  And then there's the whole "can I/should I really put this on paper/write this down."  It's scary to tell a story sometimes knowing what you know.  Someone will surely be offended, or hurt.  Can I really do that?  Even it it's my story?

So, those sentences...maybe they'll become a good story.  At least they are there, waiting for me.

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